I love all your facts and is wondering if y'all be doing some more Greg/Eric ones because he's my favorite and it would mean a lot to me... Maybe something about is hair or something?

Hello! Thank you so much! And certainly, I’ll try to post some more Greg/Eric facts as soon as I have time to get back to posting regularly :) I’m planning to get back to it soon! Thanks for your comment!

i wondered why you havent posted anything new facts about CSI or its cast? I


Hi! I’m planning to very soon, I just got distracted by school and some other things, but I definitely haven’t forgotten about this blog! I’ve still got a huge list of factoids to post soon :)

Hello everyone! Long time no see! I’ve missed posting factoids, and I’m finally going to start getting back into a fairly regular schedule of posting them!

I apologize for letting the blog be dead for a while, but hopefully I can start to remedy that with some new factoids :) Stay tuned!!